Intensive Repair Shampoo and Mask for Damaged Hair and Luxeoil Argan Oil Triple Advantage Care Set


Intensive Repair Shampoo;

• It strengthens and restructures damaged hair by deeply repairing the hair strands.
• Its rich content nourishes the hair and gives it natural shine, providing a healthy appearance.
• With its gentle and effective cleansing formula, it cleanses the scalp and strands from dirt and gives a feeling of freshness.

Intensive Repair Mask;

• It penetrates deeply into the hair strands, nourishes and adds shine.
• Strengthens hair, gives flexibility and resistance.
• It gives vitality to the hair by improving the quality of the hair strands.
• Special herbal extracts nourish and renew hair and support its natural health.

Luxeoil Hair Care Oil;

• It nourishes and renews hair with its special formula containing Argan and Caviar.
• Provides instant shine and softness to the hair.
• Thanks to its light texture, it offers a vibrant look without weighing down the hair.
• It strengthens the hair against external factors by providing protection against heat.

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