It's Time to Give Back to Nature What We Took from Nature

As Matsu, we believe that it is time to give back to nature what we took from nature. While we enrich your beauty and care ritual with Marine Algae, we also continue to act in harmony with nature. Are you ready to take one more step for your beauty and the health of the seas?


The fact that algae come from the depths of the seas reminded us how critical the protection and sustainability of the seas is. As Matsu, we feel this responsibility deeply and embrace the mission of protecting the seas. We offer our products in sustainable packaging, do not test on animals, and actively contribute to awareness-raising efforts to protect the marine ecosystem. This approach is a value reflected in each of our products, and we aim to not only offer beauty to our customers, but also protect our planet.


Sacred Heritage of the Seas:

Marine Algae

Marine Algae are natural plants that grow deep in the seas. These algae form the basis of marine life and are sustainably harvested. We work diligently to protect the sustainability of this valuable resource. Our process of collecting Marine Algae aims to leave minimal impact on the marine ecosystem.

Our values

We protect

We are dedicated to preserving the beauty of the natural world. We support the transfer of our seas to future generations in a clean and rich manner. Our products are strengthened by the gift of Blue Green Algae coming from the sea.

We strengthen

Education is at the core of our brand. We aim to transfer the knowledge and skills gained from hairdressing experience to younger generations.

We transform

Through our initiatives in marine conservation and education, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the health of our planet.

We are transparent

We care about transparency in our practices. Our customers can trust that our products are produced with integrity, using vegan ingredients and sustainable packaging.

We are developing

By harnessing the power of algae and constantly improving our formulations, we offer our customers effective, modern and environmentally friendly beauty solutions.

We are a society

We see our brand as a community of conscious consumers, nature enthusiasts and beauty professionals who share a vision together.