MATSU /CN/ (noun) – pronounced
Sea Goddess”
Beauty from the Oceans

A beauty brand inspired by Algae, the purest and most effective ingredient that nature offers us.


Our story

A family's 70 years of hairdressing experience is the foundation of Matsu Professional. Working with thousands of products in hair salons, we have had the opportunity to get to know and understand the hair and skin needs of women. In this process, we discovered how beneficial the actives found in algae, nature's purest and most effective ingredient, are for women's skin and hair. Algae is a perfect gift from nature. While it is known for its moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating effects for skin, it also provides natural shine, strength and vitality for hair.

Matsu brings an innovative approach to women's beauty routines by combining this natural power with modern formulations.Every woman has her own unique beauty story. At Matsu, we are here to understand these stories and get to know women's needs and desires in depth. Our products have vegan ingredients, are presented in sustainable packaging and are not tested on animals. This is in line with the modern woman's ethical and conscious beauty choices.

Matsu Professional is not just a beauty brand; it is an ally that brings together everything the modern woman is looking for in beauty. With a minimalist, effective and conscious approach, Matsu is there for women on their beauty journey.

Easy-to-use and multifunctional products that suit the on-the-go lifestyle.


We, Matsu Community, are a young and innovative team that redefines beauty and care. Inspired by the mysterious depths of the seas, we blend the miraculous power of Marine Algae with contemporary science. Each of us grew up in a world full of environmentally friendly and trendy solutions. Carrying Matsu's innovative spirit, we offer you care experiences that are not only effective, but also fun and lively. By keeping up with today's dynamic tempo, we create products that will accompany you at every moment.

Quality products are built with quality ingredients. Reliable, clean, multifunctional.

Some of the ingredients we use in our products.

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