Beauty is our Heritage Excellence is our Promise

Matsu Professional has been designed to make you feel special and to convey our experience over the years to you in the ever-developing beauty industry.


Matsu Professional is a brand created by 'hair academics' with broad vision and horizons in the men's and women's hair care industry since 1956.

The founder touched the hair of many women from 7 to 70, blending their concerns, wishes and styles with the trends of the time, and carried the hair care culture to a different dimension.

Success passed down from generation to generation is not a coincidence, but a ' accumulation '.


In 2020, we created the Matsu Professional brand, built on the basis of our experience and expertise accumulated over the years.

We believe every woman deserves to feel special. Our mission is to customize their routines by providing them with high quality grooming products tailored to their personal needs.

Our Mission

Using sustainable, ethical and natural ingredients, we create products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

We are passionate about what we do and our goal is to make every experience feel safe and unique .

Let our heritage inspire your beauty journey

Our journey was one in which we analyzed the nature, desires and psychology of thousands of different user experiences. We believe every woman deserves to feel special and confident.

Thanks to this journey, Matsu Professional was designed to make you feel special and to convey the experience we have gained over the years in today's evolving beauty industry.

Why Matsu?

Matsu Professional is a personalized hair care brand. It has a unique brand line in the marketing dimension. All products are designed with different and unique lines.


Dual-stage protective packaging minimizes exposure to air, light and bacteria before and during use. This means that every MATSU product you come across is at its highest efficiency and is guaranteed.


To ensure fast time-to-market, MATSU products are freshly produced in small batches every 10 days in our professional manufacturing facilities, packaged and promptly delivered to our retail partners worldwide.

Expiration date

Our natural formulations are safe for 12 months. and remains stable. This date provides an additional level of transparency to consumer use. The Expiry Date can be found as 12 months stamped on our bottles and cans.