Triple Advantage Spray Care Set


Sun-Day Heat Protective Spray;

• Protects hair with an effective shield against heat (up to 232°C).
• Protects hair against blow dryers, straighteners and other causes of heat exposure.
• It adds health and shine to the hair with its iconic scent and rich content.
• Strengthens hair strands against breakage and wear.

Volumizing Sea-Salt Spray;

• It gives natural volume to the hair and provides a modern and light look.
• It gives the feeling of sea breeze to the hair and creates natural waves and a voluminous appearance.

Miracle Conditioning Spray;

• It facilitates hair care, nourishes and protects the hair while styling.
• It adds shine to your hair and helps you achieve a flexible and healthy appearance.
• It can be used without weighing down the hair by leaving a light touch.

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Sun-Day, Volumizing Sea Salt and Miracle Conditioning Spray Set: The Elegance of Multiple Care for Your Hair!

We offer you a great offer! Enjoy multiple care for your hair with this set, which combines Sunday Heat Protective Spray, Volumizing Sea Salt Spray and Miracle Conditioning triple spray. Everything you need to maintain the beauty and health of your hair is in this special set!


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