Miracle Repair Spray and Intensive Repair Mask Dual Advantage Care Set


Miracle Conditioning Spray;

• It facilitates hair care, nourishes and protects the hair while styling.
• It adds shine to your hair and helps you achieve a flexible and healthy appearance.
• It can be used without weighing down the hair by leaving a light touch.

Intensive Repair Mask;

• It penetrates deeply into the hair strands, nourishes and adds shine.
• Strengthens hair, gives flexibility and resistance.
• It gives vitality to the hair by improving the quality of the hair strands.
• Special herbal extracts nourish and renew hair and support its natural health.

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Miracle Conditioning Spray and Intensive Repair Mask: Instant Vitality and Deep Care for Hair!

We offer you a special vitality and repair experience for your hair! Miracle Conditioning Spray and Intensive Repair Mask provide instant vitality and deep care to your hair strands. Get healthy, shiny and strong hair by experiencing this duo set special for your hair!


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