The Hailey Beiber Hairstyle You'll See Everywhere This Winter / Natural Waves

 Doğal Dalgalar

The “Natural Waves” trend, which bears the signature of Hailey, has managed to enter the hairstyling radar of many of us among the 2022 hair trends.

To complete Hailey Bieber natural waves with Matsu care products in 5 simple steps, just follow the steps below.

First step: Easy Scanning and Heat Protection

As the first step in styling, Hailey begins by prepping her slightly damp hair for the heat. She prefers to prepare her hair ties for heat with a heat protection spray.  Sun-Day Regenerative Care Spray apply generously to lengths and ends and comb through your hair.

sunday spray

Step two: Preparation for Shaping

You're just one more step away from practicing your Hailey waves. It provides protection up to 230 degrees with 9 unique vegetable oils in its content.  From the Shape 9 No-Rinse Styling Treatment cream Take 1-2 pumps and make it ready for styling by making buffer movements with your hands to the length and ends of the hair.

Third step: Shaping

Here comes the awaited moment. Complete the heat settings of your straightener and divide your hair into sections for easier handling during styling.

Then, with the help of your straightener, create natural Hailey waves by gently twisting the hair back and forth to create an “S-shaped” model according to Hailey Bieber's recipe. Follow the same steps for all the parts you took apart.

One of Hailey's secrets is that she uses her wrists, not her hands, to minimize the damage to the hair while doing this!

Fourth step: Volumizing

In addition to the styling step, the famous model emphasizes that she achieved a more natural look by using a texturizing volume spray after styling. For this, it contains Keratin complex. Volumizing Sea Salt Hair Care Spray Sprinkle 2-3 pinches between your hair.

Fifth step: Shiny and unique smelling hair all day long

You've reached the most popular hairstyles of 2022, the Hailey Bieber waves. There is only one small step left in front of you. To make your hair look like Hailey's hair all day long. Take 2 pumps of Luxeoil Argan Care oil and gently apply to the ends of your hair. Get ready to enchant everyone with your hair with its iconic scent and shine!


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