Matsu x SuCo

Matsu x SuCo

Small steps that everyone can take in their daily lives can make a big difference for our planet. Acting with this idea, we launched refillable Matsu water bottles together with SuCo .

Thanks to this collaboration, we offered these flasks as gifts for a certain shopping amount on our website for a short time. Additionally, we will continue to share these refillable water bottles with you at our various events.

So, are you wondering why this sustainable step is important for us?

Collapsible SuCo water bottles reduce the resources and energy used in packaging and transporting drinking water, while also reducing wastewater from recycling plastic bottles.

Sustainability benefits not only nature but also society. By aiming to share refillable water bottles with you, we encourage everyone to raise awareness and take action about sustainability, as well as offering an environmentally friendly option.

Sustainability is not a trend but a lifestyle. If you would like to join this movement, you can follow us. Let's take a step for a greener world together!


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