Matsu x Hachiko #OneHeartOneBowl

Matsu x Haçiko #BirKalpBirKase

As Matsu, we go beyond just being a brand. By activating our social and environmental values, we fulfill our responsibility to nature and our animal friends. Hachiko Association is one of the centers of this mission.

Haçiko Association is an organization that works to protect animals from helplessness and indifference in Turkey. They make efforts to improve the living conditions of stray animals, find homes for them and meet their medical needs. We are happy to be a part of this valuable mission.

So what are we doing?

We are among the regular donors of Haçiko Association every month and we add food to your orders by saying #BirKalpBirKas . Because we believe that it is our duty to protect nature and animals.

If you would like to join this valuable mission, you can support it by purchasing Matsu products and donating directly to the Haçiko Association.

Contribute to us building a more beautiful world together!


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