Golden tips of hair care at home

Evde saç bakımının altın ipuçları

Every woman has different concerns about her hair from time to time. You can find golden tips for hair care in this article. Seasonal changes, vitamin deficiency, sea, sun, heat and chemical processes cause hair loss. Hair starts to dry from the ends and if enough moisture is not provided, breakage and breakage occur. So how can we save our hair from damage?

Washing the hair every other day, not every day

It is not recommended to wash your hair every day in order not to disturb the oil-moisture balance of the hair. Ensuring that the hair is nourished with its own oil not only protects the roots of the hair, but also ensures healthy growth. Hair washed every day may face the problem of dryness over time, even hair loss and dryness of the hair roots. Quickly greasy hair, on the other hand, can delay the greasy problem by adding hair vinegar to their hair routine.

Washing hair with very hot water

Boiling water is very harmful for both hair and skin health. It softens the roots of the hair, weakens the roots and causes hair loss in the long term. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the hair with warm water.

Using Heat Protective Products

One of the most damaging factors for hair is heat treatments. Physical processes cause hair loss and wear. Hair that is constantly exposed to heat treatments such as blow dryers, dryers and straighteners will break and break from the ends over time. One of the most important but often skipped steps in hair care is post-shower and pre-heat treatment care. Before applying heat to the hair, protective products that trap the intense moisture in the hair and wrap the hair strands should be preferred. Applying creams, hair care oils and heat-protective sprays that are not rinsed to damp hair after a shower protects your hair from both the heat, the harmful effects of the sun and the wear that may occur against styling.

Applying Hair Mask

The products that provide the fastest effect in hair care are hair masks. There are varieties that provide solutions for different hair concerns. Hair masks are frequently preferred both in professional salons and in home care, as they instantly provide intense moisture and shine to the hair. Professional treatments are now turning into products that can be applied at home.

In order to get the most efficiency when using a hair mask, it is necessary to apply it regularly and to form a whole with complementary products. With the masks that can be applied to wet or dry hair, the dampness, wear and lifeless appearance of the hair are eliminated, and you can even get silky hair that has regained its moisture from the first use.

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