Bonding Bond Repair Shampoo and Mask Dual Advantage Care Set


Bonding Shampoo;

• Shampoo cleans the hair deeply and prevents the formation of knots.
• It moisturizes the hair strands, prevents dryness and also maintains the natural moisture balance of the hair by providing a restorative effect.
• It contributes to healthy hair growth by revitalizing the scalp, strengthens hair follicles and renews the scalp.

Bonding Mask;

• It penetrates deeply into the hair strands, nourishes and adds shine.
• It strengthens the hair structure, repairs the hair strands and gives flexibility.
• It protects and repairs the hair strands by strengthening the bonds in the hair.

Hangi Saç Tipi İçin?

  • Bonding Shampoo; 10% Argan 4% Spirulina Platensis Extract Ginseng Collagen Keratin Bonding Mask; 10% Walnut Oil 4% Spirulina Platensis Extract Sunflower Seed Oil Hydrolyzed Keratin Shea Butter

The Peak of Hair Care by Strengthening the Bonds in the Hair Strand!

We offer you a magnificent double set that offers a special bond-strengthening care for your hair! Bonding Shampoo and Mask repair, strengthen and revitalize the bonds in the hair strands with their powerful formulas. Experience this dual set to add strength and healthy shine to your hair!


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